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Crazy Red Custom Leather Seats!

Updated January 1, 2010

The Sale Continues!

Two-Tones for the price of one!
All Seats Still Just $545 / Pair!

As seen in September 2000 Miata Magazine! (Page 70)



Available for All Year Miatas 1990-2005!

Orange, Maize, Purple, Pacific, Forest
(Note: Colors shown here are representational only and
will appear different than displayed on your computer monitor!)

Some of our newest colors!


Check out these Custom Leather Seats by Crazy Red!

  • Various custom combinations available - four pattern types!
  • "Regular Custom" single leather color or "Custom Crazy" with two colors!
  • Your choice of colors for leather (black, tan, gray, red, etc.) & stitching!
  • Gathered Inserts & Perforated headrests standard on 90-97!
  • Map pocket on passenger seat back!
  • Optional embroidered logo and color stitching!
  • Top quality Premium Grade top-grain Italian automotive leather - much nicer than manufacturer grade!
  • Seats include 3-year 36,000 mile warranty!
  • These are better than the rest!

  • Premium leather breathes - won't burn your butt!
  • Add matching door panels for that extra touch!
  • Add Crazy Red seat heaters for those colder days!
  • Compatible with aftermarket lumbar support!

  • Over 40 Colors to choose from!
  • Custom designs available!
  • Custom embroidery available!
  • Installation available!
  • Installation instructions, tools & support available - it's a snap!

  • From the largest manufacturer of automotive leather interiors!
  • Also available for many other newer vehicles!
  • All seats custom made to order for your Miata!
  • New "Two-Tones for the price of one!" Sale Prices start at just $545 per pair +s/h!
    Add door panels for just $125 more (pair)!

    (1990-1993 Door Panel Shown.)

More Information on Crazy Red's Custom Leather Seats!

Thank you for your interest in The Crazy Red Italian's Custom Leather Seats. This information may answer some of your basic questions about our seats. There are two primary styles that we currently offer, though we can also do some other custom designs at minimal to no extra charge. We call these seats "Regular Custom" and the "Custom Crazy".

Some Examples of 1990-1997 Style Leather Seats

The Regular Custom seats are one color (black, tan, grey, white, red, you name it) with either a matching or contrasting color stitching on the side bolsters and optional embroidery in your car color (or any other color for that matter). They are just $545 for the pair +s/h ($30 for ground service in the continental US). That's $50 Off Our Original Price! There are some photos of Black w/ Yellow stitch seats above. Other examples might be: Black leather w/ Red, White, or Black thread; Tan leather w/ Black, BRG, White, or Tan thread; Red leather w/ Black thread, Gray w/ Gray, etc. (There is a drawing of Tan leather w/ BRG thread shown in example number 1 above.) We have over 40 leather and thread colors to choose from!

The Custom Crazy seats are a two-tone leather seat, similar to the ones here, though you can use most any colors you might like! They have two colors of leather, with stitching and optional embroidery in the color of your choice.

There are actually three variations on this design. One is the Two-Tone Inserts pattern as seen in examples 2 & 3 above ('90-'97) or 6 & 7 below ('99-'02). The seat bolsters, legrest, headrest, and back are one color, while the backrest and bottom inserts are in another color. The other pattern is a Two-Tone Centers pattern as shown in example 4 above ('90-'97), or examples 9 & 10 below ('99-'02). With this pattern, the seat bolsters and back are one color, while the backrest and bottom inserts, legrest, and headrest are in the other color. The third variation of this design is what we call, for lack of a better term, the Combo-certs Pattern. In this variation, the seat back is done in the Inserts Pattern, while the seat bottom is done with the Centers Pattern. See drawings 5 or 8 here, and the photo at the top of the page for an example. (We are working with our manufacturer to allow us to produce other patterns, but currently these are the only two-tone patterns available.)
Two-Tone Patterns

Inserts (Left), Centers (middle), and Combo (Right)

The two-tone Custom Crazy seats are now on sale for just $545 for the pair, +s/h ($30 for UPS in the continental US). That's "Two-tones for the price of one!" and $150 off our original price! WOW! Some other examples would be black/yellow, tan/green, two tones of gray, etc. Again, we have over 40 leather colors to choose from!

Finally, seats for 1990-1997 Miatas feature perforations for headrest speakers and all seats include a map pocket on the back of the passenger side seat. Or if you prefer, the headrest perforations can be omitted. Also, 1990-1997 seats are made standard with gathered inserts, while 1999-2002 seats feature a tight fit factory-style insert (also available as on option on the 1990-1997 seats). It is also possible to perforate the seat inserts (tight fit only) for a nominal extra charge.

Some Examples of 1999-2002 Style Leather Seats

All the seats are made from Premium Grade Italian Automotive leather. (Some portions of the underside of the seat bottom and the aft side of the seat back are vinyl.) The Premium Grade leather is much nicer than Manufacturer (OEM) Grade. There is no comparison between these and the stock Mazda seats! In fact, we have had many customers replace the stock Mazda leather with our seats! It is soft and supple, but also very durable. It is more comfortable to sit in for long periods and you will not slide around on it. The seats are made by Katzkin, "the largest manufacturer of leather interiors in the industry", and have a full 3-year, 36000-mile warranty for durability, color fastness, etc.

The seats are made to order in about a week. (Special requests slightly longer.) Standard shipping in the continental US is $30 by ground service. Rush orders and shipping are available for a nominal extra fee.

Installation is not difficult
, but it requires patience and care. It takes about 8 hours to replace a pair of seats. It also requires some special tools which Crazy Red can provide or loan at no extra charge. We also provide detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions which tell you exactly what to do at each step along the way. (Tools and instructions provided on request with order.)

Whether you decide to do it yourself, or have an upholstery shop do the work, depends on how you feel about working with tools, etc. It is kind of a cross between auto work (nuts & bolts) and wallpapering! You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $350 to have a shop do the work. Crazy Red installs leather seats too! Our installation charge at our shop in California is $325 per pair for most Miatas (some options/packages may be higher).

Crazy Red Has Provided Custom Leather Seats For Over 400 Miatas!

Will yours be next? Contact our product manager for custom interiors at Let us know if you have any other questions about the seats, or would like to order a pair. You can also call us at (916) 456-2277 or toll-free at (888) 412-7299! We can work out the details of the design and have your seats ready for you!

Please E-mail for more information or to order!

Thanks & Ciao.

David D./Redfire #:<{)
a.k.a. Crazy Red

Note: Some styles shown here no longer offered.


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